Looking for dog-friendly walks?

Photo: Keeley Aglinskas, Safety Beach
  • Join the pack at our Victorian Dog Walks group on Facebook for the best tips from other dog owners about great places for walking on and off-lead in Victoria. 
  • Use our free Walking Maps website to search your area and tick 'Dog off-leash area' for walks featuring a free-roaming space for your pup. Tick boxes better viewed from a desk-top computer.

Great dog walks in Melbourne (click links for maps and photos):

Great dog walks outside Melbourne (on-lead unless specified):


Mornington Peninsula Shire (thanks to star map-maker Keeley!)

Do you prefer walks around your neighbourhood, or walks further afield?

You might find these sites helpful:


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Of course, it goes without saying that you and your dog will need to share these spaces with other walkers. So please follow basic rules:

  1. Ensure your dog is on a lead, unless otherwise specified.
  2. Control your dog, especially around children and busy areas.
  3. Pick up your dog's poop.
  4. Check your local government website for information about off-leash areas.

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We'd love your suggestions of dog friendly walks that are at least a 30 minute walk for you and your furry friend. Please include your email address if you'd like us to respond and keep checking our Victoria Walks Dog Walks group page at Facebook for more dog walk ideas.
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