Help us to make Victoria more liveable and walkable

How will funds be used?

Word picture of walkingYour donation will support us to:

  • Provide more walking maps and walking activities
  • Empower families, schools and councils to put children on track to healthier lifestyles
  • Support organisations to create healthier, more active workplaces
  • Influence government, councils and road authorities to to make our streets safer, better for walking and build a strong and vibrant community

If you are in a position to become a monthly donor, make a one-off donation, or ask a loved one who cherishes their walking to consider putting us in their will, then thank you.

More information

  • Yes! Donations are tax deductible.
  • You will receive a receipt for your donation by email when the transaction is processed.
  • All donations gratefully received via secure online donation website.

Victoria Walks® Inc. (A0052693U) is a walking health promotion charity, managed by an independent voluntary board (ABN 88419420305).