Introduction to WAGs by Nicole Livingstone OAM

1. What is a Walkability Action Group?

A Walkability Action Group, or WAG, is simply a group of people that promote more walkable, liveable communities by making their suburb, town or neighbourhood a friendlier and better place to live.

Not trying to do everything yourself is important. 

Well-run, articulate groups can be more credible than individuals in the eyes of government and larger organisation, especially when they have the support of several local community members.

2. What do WAGs do?

Here are some examples:

  • Locomote (Portarlington) has been constructively involved in assisting their council and local authorities to improve walkability in the Bellarine Peninsula, as well as promoting walking to the wider community;
  • Rossmoyne Street WAG builds community, holds street parties, advocates for walkabiltiy,and has events like their highly successful Scarecrow Competion;
  • East Ivanhoe WAG successfully campaigned for a safer crossing at the Burke Road North roundabout;  
  • Ormond and McKinnon Walks recently celebrated the government's decision to install a pedestrian crossing in their area. They're also keen to promote more children walking to school as well as improving walkability in their neighbourhood.

See case studies for more examples of how WAGs have made their neighbourhoods better for walking or find other WAGs and see what they're getting up to! 

3. How does Victoria Walks support WAGs?

"...the role that the Victoria Walks WAG page played and the referral services and advice from Victoria Walks staff was vital to the success of our campaign and any campaign by a WAG to come, for that matter. Victoria Walks is the vehicle with which all this can happen."  - P Rumpf, EIWAG convenor

Victoria Walks supports WAGs by:

  • Providing each group with their own free and unique webpage, enabling WAGs to document their actions, campaigns and stories, to build their public profile and to enhance their standing by their association with Victoria Walks. Groups can use this webpage in conjunction with their own blog, Facebook or other social media;
  • Supporting groups with advice and assistance to develop constructive and engaging strategies to pursue their goals (eg. planning and review processes, advice on working with media);
  • Providing resources and templates to assist WAGs to conduct meetings, write media releases etc;
  • Lifting the profile of WAGs by promoting their activities and achievements to their stakeholders and the general community through local newspapers, Victoria Walks website, newsletters and Facebook;
  • Supporting the WAG network to share their skills, experiences and to build their capacity to pursue their campaigns and activities.

4. Want to start a WAG?

Inspired to start a WAG?  That's terrific!  Go to Set up a WAG and tell us all about your thoughts and ideas.  We'd love to hear from you.